Expo Venue

denkmal Russia-Moscow will be held from 21st- 23rd October 2021 in “Gostiniy Dvor”.

“Gostiniy Dvor” is one of the most historical, architectural and beautiful centers for business, trading and services in Moscow. “Gostiniy Dvor” is the traditional name of the long market rows in ‘the old Russia’. The Moscow’s Dvor is one of the first, which was built in Russia. The building complex covers an entire street block. The main façade overlooks the Ilyinka Street, both sides - the Chrustalny and Rybny Alley and the fourth façade - the Warwarka Street.

The edifice was built in the 16th century originally of wood and is located close to the Kremlin. Towards the end of the 18th century the building was reconstructed and in 1900 neoclassical architecture elements were also included. Due to the decision of Moscow’s city government the building complex was refurbished and restored in the middle of 1990. During the restoration there were also archaeological digs performed. Nowadays the trading and exhibition center is one of the most prestigious exhibition buildings in Russia.

The area of the building complex is 82,000 square meters in total. The Atrium, the big courtyard, is 12,000 square meters and is covered by the largest glass roof in Europe. “Gostiniy Dvor“ is one of the most modern and beautiful Trade Fair in Europe due to its technical equipment, infrastructure and the historical amphitheater with 450 seats. In the area of the building complex there are numerous shopping facilities, restaurants, cafes, ATMs and clubs for exhibitors, visitors and guests.

For those reasons „Gostiniy Dvor“ is an excellent venue for the trade show denkmal Russia–Moscow.


ul. Ilyinka, 4, Moscow 109012, Russia
Гостиный Двор, Москва 109012, ул. Ильинка, дом 4.


Metro stations “Ploschad Revolyutsii“, “Kitay Gorod“